Need Help Oil Change Questions

I have a 98 WR400. Is there more than 1 oil drain? I just changed my oil and hardly any oil came out. I had changed it maybe 6 riding hours earlier. I have only changed the oil twice now on my bike (only had it a little over a month) And both times it will not take the correct amount of oil after draining old oil. So I am thinking somehow I am not getting all the old oil out of the bike. I don't think I am burning oil, no smoke from exhaust. And no leaks other than a little out of the vent tube. Please help. Thanks in advance:excuseme: :)

2 spots. Under motor and at the bottom of the frame behind front fender.

That would make sense, thanks. I thought I had read that somewhere, but couldn't find it, and it says nothing in the manuel. Or at least I did not find it.

Have a pan ready and up high to catch the oil from the down tube... you will have a mess on your hands. KJR

good to know thanks

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