need clutch help

I just bought my 7 year old son a crf 50. I have adjusted the clutch but there is a huge hesitation from the time you give gas till the clutch engages. does'nt seem to slip once it gets going and it shifts fine. its a 2007 and it looks like it was ridden very little. any help would be appreciated


So what is your question? If you don't like the hesitation, it could be caused by lighter clutch weights allowing higher revs before engagement.

I guess my question is how do I make the clutch engage as soon as the throttle is applied.

Buy a stock clutch, or raise the idle.

had the same situation on my son's bike. when the throttle stop isturned all the way in, it will do this. It needs more throttle to get it going quickly. Sounds like you have the throttle limiter screw all the way in like I did. When you let it out, it can get more power quickly & will engage more quickly. Don't let it out until yor son is ready. My son's XR50 would do 35mph with me on it with the thottle stop all the way out. It is waaaaay too much for a kid that is the right size for it with the throttle stop all the way out. If you're running the stop all the way in, it's going to really hesitate before it gets going. That's just somthing ou're going to have to live with until he can ride it with the throttle stop further out.

I am comparing it to the chinese 50cc 4 wheeler he had before.even with the throttle limited it seemed to engage instantly as gas was applied.with his limit screw out all the way it still seems like the rpms have to be really high before it engages. is this normal for the crf 50s.

clutch plates may be worn out. Replace the clutch plates.

where can i get new clutch plates for my 2000 xr70, what do i have to do to get them out and replaced?

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