Oil Pressure

Being a fan of fresh oil in my 04 450f, I have done many quick oil changes just in a "f**k it, it's good for the bike" mentality before going for a ride.I generally measure how much oil comes out and put in the same quantity, when I check the dipstick sometimes the level is a little low or high, is this detremental to the bike?

I'm not too worried about a little low but will too much oil cause excessive pressure and blow seals?



some days when i check it , i pull the stick and oil almost shoots out . other days its perfect on the stick .

i think the manual says run till hot (3min) shut off , sit 30 seconds . check .

You have to check oil level with the oil hot and right after running, otherwise it will be a false reading. Too much oil will have no effect on oil pressure, but you will blow it out the breather hose and cause excess internal resistance from the rotating mass moving through all that oli. It can also cause the oil to foam and cause a lack of lubercation to certain parts.

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