Sprocket Help??

GREAT ride today,but the area I usually ride is pretty tight with some open areas.I always seem to want to be in a half gear between 1st and 2nd.What would be the best way to make it so i shift into 2nd sooner?? That would make 1st "shorter" right??? Dont want to make 1st "taller" because i'll be riding the clutch to keep the rpm's up like my old XL 500 (on-off road)I had. I think I need a bigger rear sprocket. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks alot!!! Happy Trials Dave

Check out this nifty gear ratio chart by sidewinder sprockets:


The stock gear ratio on my '00 WR is 3.57. I tried a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket, but it was too low geared for me (3.85 ratio with stock 50 rear). When it's time to replace my chain and sprockets, I'll probably go with the stock 14 front, and go to a 52 tooth rear (3.71 ratio). Good luck!

Yes the 14/52 is a popular combo. Another benefit of this combo, using the stock chain (114 link), is you'll move the rear wheel forward and make the bike turn easier in the tight stuff.



Hows the Knee?

Bonzai :)

They say two more weeks in the imobilizer and then start lossening it up and another week or so after that, to ride. He's letting me take it off around the house and it feels pretty good but, definitely not very strong, flexible or stable :)

Looks like I'll be riding the boys KDX (low to the ground and easy to start) and just taking pics.

Come fall, I'll be looking for ya on the trails up'ere...............

Thanks for ask'n


I started with a 51, went to a 52, and finally settled on a 53. I lengthend the chain to keep the wheel in the same spot. I had the exact same feeling, needed a little lower 2nd gear. Love the gearing in the woods, made the bike kind of 2 strokey, (Whoops, did I say a Bad word?)

Thanks Guys for the info. I think I will start with the 52 rear, and I like the idea with keeping the stock chain for a shorter wheelbase to turn better as I sometimes have a problem with avoiding trees!! HA HA No hard crashes yet!!I know one thing, I am definately gonna get rid of the 739's and go to the 756's or a friend of mine has IRC's #?? on his bike and has good luck with them. The 739's are crap!!! Thanks again!! Dave

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