HELP! WR400F year 2000 model wheelset

I just bought a '00 WR400F comes with motard-wheelset, since I wanted to try Supermoto..

I prefer ride dirt, so I would like to get another set of dirt-wheelset as a plug & play set whenever I want to ride dirt. So I'm keeping the current motard-wheelset as it is.

Hope can get help from the expert/experience Yamaha riders here.

To buy a new set cost a bomb! Got offers on a used set but for different models.

Sorry for these stupid questions:bonk: , I'm new to this WR400F.:)

Q1) Can a 1998 WR400F front & rear wheelset/hubs fit into a 2000 WR400F?

Q2) Which year YZ front & rear wheelset/hubs can fit into a 2000 WR400F?

Q3) Can a 2007 YZ250F front & rear wheelset/hubs fit into a 2000 WR400F?

Q4) Are the 2000 WR400F swingarm different from a 1998 WR400F?

Q5) Whats so different on the 2000 WR400F hubs than the rest?

Q6) What other bike make/model hubs can fit to a 2000 WR400F?

Q7) My friend is selling KTM400 ('00-'02 model) complete front & rear wheelset good condition with great tyres at a damn cheap price, if I buy can it be simply modified to fit my bike?

Thank you in advance for the useful advice.

You have asked the million dollar question. Yz and Wr wheels interchange from 99-06 I believe. The 250 and 125 wheels fit but are not as wide. The only thing I know is excel hubs are the same but use different carriers between brands.

So I should be looking on wheelset for '99-'06 models for either YZ/WR in order to fit into my '00 WR400. Will search for it! Thanks S2P!!

:) Anymore useful advise from Yamaha Thumpers?

S2P is right, any wheels from 99-06 should fit fine, the only thing to watch for is the YZ/YZF front hubs don't have the tabs for the speedo drive.

As far as I know the 98 is the only one to avoid. It has a smaller axel (someone correct me if I'm wrong) If anyone knows what will fit a 98WR400 rear I am interested. I want to have to rear wheel's. One to run my Dual sport tire, and one for a full MX tire.

So could I find a 98 YZ250 (2stroke) rear wheel to fit my 98 WR400

Yes, you could. You could use a YZ front, too, but you'd need the YZ right side spacer, and you'd be unable to use the odo with it.

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