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ttr 225 power cuts out after a wheelie

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1. 1999 ttr 225 pulls wheelie good but after I do a wheelie and try to start another one the bike bogs or loads up. If I pull in the clutch and rev it a few times it seems to clear it up then I can do the next wheelie. I move up to a 130 main, leaving the 40 pilot in and cleaned carb. drilled holes in airbox and cleaned filter and installed new plug.

2. Drilling holes in the airbox didn't do anything. I am thinking of getting a UNI filter. Why are people removing the screens, is the screen really restricting the air.

3. Baffle was out when I bought the bike is there anything else I can do the exhaust for a little more power. I would like it to come up in 2nd gear easier and I don't want to changed spocket size. I read about drilling out a washer that is the pipe where it is attached to the motor. I do like this bike

4. What does uncorked mean?

5. Thanks for any infor.

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