Looking at WR450

Hi all. I am new to the board sort of. I have been looking at a few enduro bikes that can go both on and off road. The last one was an 91 XR600R that I passed on due to weight and it being older and a kick start.

One of my friends that races has a 06 WR450 he is selling. I told him I would be interested if I can get a street tilte for it. I heard its hard to do in Jersey. SO he is looking into that with his dealer but in the mean time he said its kick start only. Was electric start not offered in 06 or is it because the bike is set up for racing then dont have electric starters? Anything else I should know about the bike? I am sure its a bit easier to kick start then the XR I looked at.

If I can get a title for it I am going to need to get a light kit for it. I am pretty excited and hope it works out.

It would have started out as an e-start. Might want to check with him as to what he did with the parts. Light kit is no problem via a number of vendors including Baja Designs, Trick dual sport, Electrex, etc.

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