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Stopped the overflow of fuel, but still running rich.

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It started a couple weeks ago at Budds Creek, my bike took a on me the first lap of practice. Came in, and it was leaking gas out of the float bowl. Figured that the float was stuck. Took it apart, cleaned it out, and bam. Same problem. Loaded the bike up and took it home, hoping to make it back to race the next day. Got home, and took the main jet out and it was cracked. Not good. Ordered some new ones, and just re-installed the main yesterday.


Yesterday, installed the new jets, adjusted the float height, fired it up and it started. Now it's EXTEMELY rich (haven't messed with any carb changes ) and when I went to ride it, the powerband never kicked in. No matter how much I slipped the clutch or what gear I was in, it was always on the verge of it, but no cigar. Instead, it kept popping and sounded like the engine was about to blow.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Piston/rings? Float height? carb settings? ANYTHING?!?!??! :)

I'm getting a little fed up, just more irritated that I couldn't figure it out on my own. Any and all help would be much appreciated!!!!! :worthy::ride::D

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