wr 450 engine swap into yzf 426 will it work?

mates killed his engine in his 2001 426 not sure what the damage is kick start go,d down 2 or 3 times then locks up :)

anyway there a chance of a low miles 05 wr 450 engine does anyone know how much work it would be to swap or even if its possible.

Where would you get the wr450 engine? What happened to the rest of it. Remember the 450's have estart. So you would have to do some electrical work.

You have to stay with the 426 engine. (well, you don't, but since you are asking, stick with the 426)

its a mates bike and a used 450 engine with low miles has come up for sale on ebay, so he thinks it may be cheaper and easier just to change the whole engine, rather than rebuild the 426 it comes with the carb and cdi unit. not worried about the e, start

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