Unofficial TT trip - Wayne National Forest, June 30

Was there today to refresh my navigation before the ride. The trails are in awful shape from the recent monsoons down there. A sign says they will do maintenance as soon as they can get in there. I rode into a puddle so deep I am going to have to split the case. See my 250F forum post for details.

Everyone hope for dry weather. Wayne needs it.


Damned, I missed you.

Intermediate tires WILL NOT CUT IT down there right now. I also hit a nice deep mud bog but seemed to come out of unscathed...have you t-vented your carb and breather hoses?

I hope maintenance does not mean adding gravel!

Hopefully things will be dried up by then.

My knee is in the heeling process and I am able to bend it now so I am ready to ride.

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