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8/15 VA/WV Dual Sport with Pics

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My friend and I left the yard yesterday morning and went for a little 211 mile ride through the mountains. It was overcast and stormy most of the day but, for the most part, we managed to stay out of the rain. We had to run a little more pavement than usual because there is very little fuel available over in that part of WV these days. Most of the stations where I've always stopped for gas have closed the doors. The few that remain only sell 87 octane and the WR doesn't like that stuff. We had to run it though because it was all we could find and we nearly ran out before we found it. We covered Bath and Highland counties in VA and Pocahontas/Pendleton/Randolph counties in WV. It kind of turned into a train tour because we kept running across the tourist railroads all along the route. We saw the Cass train, the Durbin Rocket, and crossed the tracks for the Cheat Salamander. We didn't ride over anything too extreme on this ride but it was big fun and the scenery was fantastic. A big rain had passed through right before we got home and with badly worn tires we had one hell of a time making it up the back side of the mountain at the house. It took me 4 tries to get over the top and I honestly don't think I had another try in me. Good times and great to actually have someone riding with me for a change.

Lots of opportunity to back it into turns and rip out the other side on this trip.


Didn't get a whole lot of interesting pics but here's what I have.

















Back home and beat down.:D🙂


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I live in Pocahontas County! I recognize some of those pics. Hope the folks in Durbin were nice to you. That town has a reputation of being a rough place. Looks like you had a good time. You are one of the first dual-sporters that I've heard of around here. We mostly get big cruisers who enjoy the scenery from the confines of the blacktop. haha suckers.

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ahhhhh crazy toofwess people

i would have paid to come ride with you

i got alot of friends on back mtn road about 20 min from cass

they got about 400 acres of huntin fishin(and you wouldnt need a hotel)

o about durbin its not the people its how you make your first impression

i took a buddy to town when we were kids, every teenager in 100 miles was lining up to smack him around, dont like cocky prople

o btw i am outside wheeling

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Nice pics. 👍 I rode that area alot on my GS and Bandit but I haven't ventured that way on the XR (yet). Need some new meats and a bigger tank....

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