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Broken Radiator Tabs Fix

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Well, I finally got tired of my radiator shrouds flapping in the wind every time a zip-tie gave out. I wanted a solidly attached solution because it sems to me the radiators somewhat rely on the shrouds to keep them from folding back when impacted. I realize that works connection makes a radiator brace that helps with that task, but I really don't think I need a brace. I already have the Works Connection radiator cages and they have worked great through many a crash.

After spending a while staring at the bike with the shrouds off I decided to make a few parts of my own and incorporate them into the Works Connection cages. I took a piece of aluminum flashing and bent it to the same angle as the previously existing tabs on the radiators (mine were long gone as you'll see in the pictures). I then laid about 6 layers of fiberglass to become the new brace using the flashing as my mould for the angle. I cut the fiberglass and drilled holes in it to match the cages and tabs then trimmed them to fit.

It works perfectly and I had enough left over to make two spares since I'm sure I'll bash these up at some point, although they are far more sturdy than the original brackets.

Pictures below:


This is the new piece with the old broken tab below. The top right hole is where the shroud will attach and the bottom left hold is where the bolt currently holding the radiator cage will go.


This is the piece bolted in place. If my radiator shield weren't so smashed up the hole would line up perfectly, as it is I have to tug pretty good on it to get it to line up. I orders some new shields so they will look a bit nicer and actually fit.

Hopefully this helps someone else. Enjoy!

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