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XL 350R supermoto wheels

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I have a Honda 1984 XL350R and am thinking about switching over to motard wheels. The rear rim is 2.15 x 17 and I was wondering how big of tires I could fit on there. The front wheel is a 21, so I need new rims and tires for that. Thanks for the help!

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Well here is what you are going to get if you Motard your XL.


These are 4.25 width rear and 3.5 front with Michelin Pilot Sport tires

150/60-17 rear and 120/70-17 front, I believe.


I doubt you will be able to get anything larger than maybe a 120 radial on

the stock rear rim width. More likely only a 110. And those are front tires

not rears. Unless you look for a bias ply tire. I had these Excels laced to

the stock hubs using new stainless spokes and nipples at Buchanans in

So. Cal. Cost around $400 for including lace and trueing the wheel.

With tires, the total was around $1,000.

If you can afford it. I'd say do it for sure. My bike handles like it has

velcro for tires and I am riding on a carpet. It feels like a whole new bike.

Good luck with your project.

Jeff, So. Cal.

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thanks for the help. I see your also running the drum brake in back, same with me. would it be worth it to switch it to a disk?

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lt depends on how much $ you are willing to

spend and how talented mechanically you are.

In my case. I felt it was best to stay stock. I kept a set of

stock wheels just in case I ever wanted to return it to

dual sport.

Another reason I did not chose to try and go with a rear

disk, besides being lazy, is that my stock rear brake works

fantastic for what I need. I use my front brake 90% of

the time and the rear is just for slower speeds and trail

braking into corners. It has great feel with very little

lever travel. Is not too sensitive to lock up like maybe a

disk set up would have.

I'd think the easiest way to add a rear disk would be to

swap the whole swing arm from a newer XR600R or

XR/XL650R. I'd still think there would be quite a bit of

fabricating to be done just to fit the master cylinder and

adapt the brake lever. A slick option would be to fit a

thumb lever rear brake on the left side handle bar.

Look into options for a Rekluse Auto clutch to see how

folks have adapted a hyd. clutch master to actuate the

rear caliper.

My advise. Stay with the stock rear brake and spend the

$$.00's on suspension or motor mods. I love my bike

so far. The next upgrade will be to add an EBC 320mm

rotor to the front and an upgraded caliper. Then maybe

a fork brace to firm things up a bit.

Keep us up to date as you proceed with your project.

I would be interested to see how it comes out. I'll post

some newer pictures of my bike soon.

Here is one showing my new Staintune pipe.


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👍MMMM i got a 84 xr500 maybe i try that to could be fun useing the old bike and race it thanks for the photo and the name of the comp that made the rims

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Thanks for the compliment.

The rims are Excels that I bought from a local So. Cal. company. Sprocket

Center, I believe. They had the best price I could find and they were close

so shipping was cheap. I removed my old tires and disassembled the old

spokes. So what I gave Buchanans, In Azusa, Ca., was just the raw wheel

hubs and the new rims. The provided the new stainless nipples and spokes.

Laced and trued the wheel in about a week.

I could not be happier with how the conversion turned out.

You may notice that there is no chain guard. I had to remove it because

it would not fit with the 150-60/17 Michelin Pilot Sport rear tire. There is

a small tab / bracket welded to the inside of the swing arm that holds the

chain guard. It is (very) close to the tire. Maybe 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch.

So far I see no evidence that the tire has made contact with this bracket.

Something to keep an eye one though.

Cheers. Jeff

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