my 426f possibly sold

I have had my 2002 yz426f listed on craigslist for the past month or so and i just got an offer of 1900 dollars for it. The guy put a deposit of 500 on it untill he can get to the bank on monday. Now im starting to have sellers remorse. Hearing it haul *ssss down the road makes me wonder if i should sell it. I spent the past couple of monthes and basically rebuilt it from the ground up with powdecoated parts and some other things. I was wanting to sell it to upgrade to a newer 450 b/c the 426 just did not seem to feel right when i was jumping it. It never seemed balanced to me. So here are my questions...

The bike is almost perfect but needs tires NOW ( i even bought some and i have not put them on..they will not be given with the purchase of the bike)and could use a new set of sprockets and a chain.....

Would you guys realistically sell this bike for 1900$ if it was yours???

Can i upgrade to a newer 450(preferably yamaha) for around 2000$?

AM i doing the right thing????

I need help making my decision...THANKS











This is just me talking but i wouldnt sell that bike its really nice probly the nicest 426 ive seen , i would get comfortable jumping it and stuff if you really like it and your probly gonna have a hard time finding a 450 for 2000 your probly gonna have to put money into it theres probly gonna be stuff wrong with it , and to get out of selling the bike just say you thought he said a different price and say well sorry man i thought you said this amount i cant let it go for 1900 i know its lieing but you get you keep the bike you like... Good luck to you

thanks for the input.. i dont know what i am going to do..

Yea know problem man , just sleep on it if you feel like you wanna keep it in the morning keep it and dont look back

the 426 is an killer bike.. i absolutly love my 02..(only use it for desert tho) but that thing dosnt have a weak spot anywhere.. power is spot on.. and the suspension for the time is excellent..

I wish you lived out here in California I would of sold my 2000 yz426 for yours and gave you 2500.00

I wish you lived out here in California I would of sold my 2000 yz426 for yours and gave you 2500.00

thanks, wish you had the money now. i would ship it too you.

1900 is a pretty damn good price for a 426, and in that condition is a really good price. I personally wouldn't sell mine for less then $40,000 just because I love it so much. But in all reality, I bought mine for $2600 and all that had been done to it was jetting, pipe, and a air filter. And it wasn't in the condition yours is. If I were you I would sell it for 2500 or so and see what happens. But price does depend on location- where I live everything is more expensive because were 4 hours from the nearest big city.

yea . I think location has alot to do with it. I called a guy today about a 2005 yz450f with lower and upper triple clamps, hinson clutch, aftermarket header, two extra set of brand new tires, and some other things for 2500. from the pics it looks REALLY clean... im kind of hoping i can sell mine and offer him 2200 on his....

dude that is damn clean....

I still say 450 it up

yea, i pretty much have my mind made up that i am set on a 450. There seems to be more available for them and if i am patient i can probably find one with some upgrades( exhaust, wheels, suspension) for a pretty good price.

Once you get on a 450 you won't be sorry. Yes I still miss my old 00 426, but I love my new bike just as much. You are in a hard spot though since you just spent the time/$ to clean it up, but let her go and remember the good times. You'll have to hunt pretty hard to find a good 450 for $2500 or less though.

I'd be keeping that 426 before I'd let it go for that price. At least go $2300

i dont know where you guys live but around here i see 426's go for around 1500. I mean i paid 1700 for mine back in january. It was not as nice as it is now but it was not far from it. It already had the wheels on it.

I paid $1700 for my '01 426 back in December 2007. It looked like it was ridden about 20 hours or less; it was super clean and came with Tag triple clamps, Tag bars, and ASV levers.

You may be able to get more than $1900 for your bike, but you might have to wait for it. Look at it from the perspective that you have a seller who left a deposit, so you're guaranteed a sale.

It all comes down to your needs and your personal financial situation; if you have some spare cash that you're willing to part with, then go with a 450 (05 or later for the aluminum!!!) On the other hand if you're not racing you really don't need to upgrade to a newer 450.

I think for what its worth I would keep the 426 as a second bike if nothing else. Thats a lot of bike for $1900. It amazes me that these are so cheap now days when they are proven solid performers with no real downsides other than the hard to start issue and thats only for some.

yea i know. It is a solid bike. I just dont like that is is heavy. They are going for cheap, but so is everything else. I mean the bike is almost 7 years old.

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