Has any one blown a 01 wr 426 up yet

just wondering if any one else has blown one up yet

i snaped the conrod bent valves smashed gears and so on

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: blue beast wins ]

Sorry to hear about the bike... but nowhere in the manual does it say you can pull freight trains with a WR 426 that has not been YZ-timed... :)



Seen one with similar damage - plus bent balancer shaft so check yours before you order your parts. WR timed.

Heard of a used one that blew within 1hr of riding away from shop after purchase, dealer picked up cost of repair. Not sure of cam timing on that one.

I bought my 2000 wr400 from new and it has never missed a beat ive used it every weekend since ive had it its done 30+ events and used for practice during the week and its still going strong. This is probably due to regular oil changes and the use of high quality oil. i have not had any work done to the engine either! I think there a rock solid bike.

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