Moab Trip Advice?

Another family and mine are taking a trip to Moab this spring. I would rather go in May, my bud in March. Which is best? Any suggestions on lodging for 4 adults and 5 kids? Pulling almost 80' of double trailers across Colorado in March makes me nervous. Thats if I pull my camper instead of getting a cabin. We are about 20 miles east of the divide and we get nailed in March with snow. The trip planner says its a little over 6 hours so I guess its not to bad. I bragged about all of the advice we would get from this post so dont let me down guys


They're mostly Utah boys and usually have a ride around Apr-May. They're a good family-oriented club and some of thier members might be able to tell you what you need to know.

Well I used to spend quite a bit of time working in southern Utah (Lake Powell) and based on my experience, I would try for May over March for the same reason you mentioned - anything can happen with the weather in March (or early April). On one particular trip I spent 13 hours covering ground I would normally cover in 5 1/2 hrs :).

I'm thinking of going to Moab sometime in May myself.

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