Moab Trip Advice?

Another family and mine are taking a trip to Moab this spring. I would rather go in May, my bud in March. Which is best? Any suggestions on lodging for 4 adults and 5 kids? Pulling almost 80' of double trailers across Colorado in March makes me nervous. Thats if I pull my camper instead of getting a cabin. We are about 20 miles east of the divide and we get nailed in March with snow. The trip planner says its a little over 6 hours so I guess its not to bad. I bragged about all of the advice we would get from this post so dont let me down guys.

the great march with trailers? you getting paid to make this trip? :) you know the answer.. my vote is May. :D

First Weekend in March I'll be there. :D There are a bunch of excellant hotels that provide for plenty of room in the parking lot to park the trailer. Easter weekend offers the Jeep Fest, they are very entertaining along the way, but hotels can be difficult to get at that thime of the year. If your planning on pulling the tent, there are plenty of spots by Slick Rock and the State Park just out outside of Moab.

May can be very warm and March can be unpredictable, just make sure you have plenty of fluids for your riding, even when it is cool, you can still go through alot of fluids.

I hope you have a great time :)

Living here you know how unpredictable the snow can be on the passes in March. The temps will be nice and cool. I would plan on March, but of course be ready to change plans if it snows.

We go to Moab every Memorial Day wknd. It can get VERY hot. This year we plan to go earlier in May or April. March would be nice I think. Load up those trailers with a bunch of fire wood and head up Sand Flats Rd. toward Slickrock campground or above. Lots of sites with room for your rigs to turn around. Also look at Potash Rd and DEad Horse Canyon.

The big jeep rally is nuts. Those guys will likely be camping and pulling some large rigs. If you go there over Easter, get there early to secure a spot because it will get crowded.

Personally I wouldn't want to ride my scoot there with all those Jeeps on the roads/trails. Imagine coming head on to a quad with gunracks on a narrow trail... Now imagine the same thing but with 15 jeeps in a row, and unless you want to be "that guy" and roost all on them, you will be waiting to pass quite often.

Either way you'll have fun.

BTW, it seems COLD there in Colo. I'm in 74 degree Daytona Beach, FL and getting ready for some salt water flyfishing :)

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