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DR250 fuel petcock...

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Hey guys I've a quick question.

I've recently discovered that my tank has some rust in it which has been giving me some problems. So while I've been getting that ready to do the Kreme clean and seal kit, I decided to tackle another small problem I've been having with the vacuum diaphragm in my petcock leaking into the vacuum line. When I took it apart to inspect it, the old gaskets (and the diaphragm itself) disintegrated. So realizing the vacuum petcock is more or less unserviceable (since you can only buy the whole assembly) I figured I would go ahead and see if I could swap it out with a regular (non-vacuum) petcock maybe from the dirt model or something else.

I've read on here and some other sites that the WR400 petcock is supposed to be a direct swap onto the DR350 tank and since the DR250s and 350s are virtually identical that means it should work on my 250 right? (It's a 1990 btw, if that makes a difference.)

I would just get a petcock from the dirt model but the WR400 petcock is half the price of a dirt version from a 250. So I thought I'd double check.

Thanks for your help in advance guys!

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