Chain & sprocket COMBO... which one ???

Ok guys,

What`s the best bang for the buck ?? What do you recommend for longevity ?


anyone ???

Alain - is asking about price i think

but what about how different combos perform?

like best possible combo to help minimize the difference between 2nd and 3rd gears?

After trying Sprocket Specialties aluminum and Renthals Aluminum ($50 from Rocky). I think I'll go with Krause Racing (Sidewinder) sprocket for the rear. They sell for about $120. Every test in every mag including a test by Super Hunky says, the sprockeet will outlast the bike.

At the rate these beast go through chains and sprockets. I'll spend the extra.....ONCE :)

And Rocky Mountain seems to have the best price on the DID x-ring and Renthal front sprocket (ultralight).


Phillips what ratio are you running ?? I`m happy with what I have (14;52) so I wasn`t thinking about changing it..... however that doesn`t mean that there is not another combo that would be better. what would you suggest ? I mostly ride woods and some fireroads...

Bill, I was also looking at sidewinder......that`s what I`ll probably end up getting


Phillips what ratio are you running ??

I'm running stock. You really don'tnotice the difference unless your on a tight MX track.

I was thinking of going bigger on the back but

I think it would be pulling wheelies all over the track. It does that enough already(Unintentionaly)

If it go smaller would mean faster. Which would make 3rd even fast than it is.

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