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clutch problem oil related

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A few weeks ago i mailed a problem with my clutch. I ride a YZF250 2006. Problem was/is that it keeps pulling the bike when i use it and only when the engine is warm. I changed end inspected everything and found nothing wrong.

I was going to try out a new brand of motoroil (motorex) so i drained the engineoil by removing the bottom carter plug. I never opened the oil reservoir, this time i did and i was surprised that it wasn't empty. So problem was that i used to much oil probably about 2.5liters.

Now i drained everything and my question is how much oil must i put in.

The manuel says periodic 1.15, with oil filter 1.25 and total amount 1.4l.

Can anyone tell me why the total amount is more than than an oil filter replacement.

Is it always necessary to drain everything?

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