WR250F or WR450F or XR400 for Enduro's


I was in your shoes last week! I bought the XR400. My friend has the WR250F and I've ridden it several times this week. The Yamaha is nice--suspension is great and the bike is lighter than my XR. HOWEVER, you need to keep the revs way up to stay in the "usable" power range. I found it more work while riding in the woodsy stuff here in Washington State. I think an advanced enduro racer could make the WR250 scream, but for ME the XR400 is the best choice. I have tons of tractor power available. There's a big advantage down low for the XR and that's what you need in the tight woods stuff. The XR400 is a lot of fun and will keep up with any of your buds. You'll be singin' Sweet Home!

WR450, which will be the most technologically advanced off road bike ever built.

WR450, which will be the 2nd most technologically advanced off road bike ever built. :):D

I just started to race my 99 XR250 a little this last year and if I didn't have to go with my family I would be going to the maplevilles race on the 12th.Well my friend has a 99 KX250 who also just started racing and I have rode his bike but till today he has never rode mine.He said the only thing he didn't like was the weight and that is was bigger than his KX.He likes the power and loved the plush suspension.

Now I heard all this talk that a WR has the same HP as a 400 but it will not out pull it.Take a 400ci small block GM motor and a 400ci big block GM motor.They are the same and you can make the same Hp but the big block will out pull it, it just has more beans, it will have more bottom and torque.Same thing as the WR,yeah she will pull 30 hp at high rpms but the XR will pull 30hp just about off idle and will be going when the WR is all out of gas.ALso the XR will turn better but it heavier so take as it is it.

This just my 2 cents.

Most 4 strokes, like the Honda XRs are mostly Oil cooled and air cooled second. I raced aircooled 2 strokes for years and I never had problems. Run enough quality oil and clean air and they will last also. Now maybe with 20 or 30 minutes of Hard running on a MX track a 45 hp aircooled 2 stroke would lose 10% of its power. Now it is down to 40 hp. Now how many folks you know can really use 40 hp all the time and I bet after 20 or 30 minutes of hard riding, you are more than 10% tired. Now watercooled bikes are quieter due to the water jackets. But it is harder to hear the motor ping when too lean also. My first water cooled bike was a KTM 350 ( 300 ) and I went through 6 radiators that year and repaired several more. I admit watercooling is better under ideal conditions but since when is an enduro ideal conditions ? The current crop of water cooled bikes are prone to overheating in the tight woods. They have gotten better over the past 15 years but they still overheat. You can't keep going when your radiators are dry. A aircooled bike will keep going .

Now someone said that somebody told them that a Honda XR250 is heavy. I beg your pardon but a XR250 is lighter than a WR426. A Honda XR250 weighs per being weighed wet no gas by a Dirt Bike Magazine , 237 lbs. That is 5 to 6 lbs. lighter than Honda claims. Most manufacturers claims are a bit light.

I think of the current crop of Water Cooled bikes Yamaha is coming along and is worth watching. I don't like what I see Honda is coming out with. They didn't ask me what I wanted until it was too late. I would love to see a stroker crank in a WR450 and see what that does for the power. I also would put on a Edlebrock Quicksilver carb. They really smooth out the power. Use them on my XRs and tried one on a Husaberg 470. Improve power, fuel economy, and will idle on its side.

I wonder if Yamaha will be coming out with a cooling fan kit for the WR ?



Dwight & Clint, Wish I was going to Maplesville this weekend but I sold my 96, ATK250 and don't have a bike to ride.... Greg in Atlanta, yea Jack S is the VOR dealer in Mobile, and we ride together sometimes. I rode the 450EN and was very impressed. Only problem with VOR is they are very pricey, $1,000 more than a WR450, otherwise an excellent bike which I would have bought. I never had a problem with my 96 ATK, and have come to appreciate it more after looking around for a new bike. That Rotax engine just kept on running, and had a great low-end for a 2-stroke. Business has softened and I am thinking used now instead of new... perhaps a 01 or 02 in good shape. Everytime a new bike hits the market people run out and buy it, then find it is too much bike and they want to get rid of it, often for $800+ less than they paid a few months before. I expect same will happen with WR450. The feedback to my question has been great, and I still am undecided. If I could find a bargain on a VOR, I would take it. If I go older used, it will be XR400. If I go new used it will be a ATK250 or VOR. If I go new, it will be a WR450, or VOR...

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