WR426 or WR450 for road use?

Hi guys. I currently ride an 01 WR426 and am thinking about getting it registered for road use. The bike doesn't have blinkers and the headlight/speedo don't work. I was considering either getting all this fixed and registering it or trading on a WR450 with all the gear already. Just trying to work out what would be more worthwhile.

Im also tempted to go for the 450 because of the electric start which would be much better for riding around the city each day.

What do you guys think?

i have a supermoto wr450. i love having the magic button. its a good bike for the streets it can stay at a constant speed and always reliable for me

Yeah I know the 426 doesn't particularly like steady throttle. Its got awesome power but its a pig. Wasn't sure if I could improve that a bit with jetting or if that's just the way they are... Would miss it if I sold it but

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