WR 450 with yz front number plate

Lets see them?? any one done this if yes how so?

I haven't done it but I have seen it a few times. It should in theory be pretty easy. The little pins on the bottom triple clamp that the headlight shroud fits onto work the same way with the number plate. I think that it's just a matter of taking off the headlight and disconnecting it. I bet it takes about fifteen minutes.

I do it.... the holes on the bottom of the plate do mount up with the pins on the lower fork clamp... for the upper mount you will either need to fab up a bracket that will line up with the YZ plate mounting tab to bolt it on or, like I do, use two long zip ties and run them thru the tab on the plate and then back around the tripple clamp, (under the bars)... the other thing you will need to do is figure out a way to mount the ingition switch as it is mounted to the upper headlight bracket (07' +).

I had pics at one time but cannot find them right now, if I do I will post. I think the zip ties work great:thumbsup:

Hey Don does it leave the enduro computer exposed?

if you look at the pics in 'my garage' i have pics in there, i moved the speedo and ign button to the other side of the handle bars

Thanks hoople!

Thats not gonna work for me though. The main reason why I asked was not because I prefer the MX # look (I'm indifferent), but because I'd make the transition to white plastics possible w/o replacing or painting the headlight shroud.

Hey Don does it leave the enduro computer exposed?

I don't know... I took that off too but I do have a friend that runs a #plate with the odod/endurometer still on so it's possible for shure:thumbsup:

Your right, it's the easiest way right now to transition to white right now:prof:

I think I might have a better picture at home


how hard is this to do!?!?!

how hard is this to do!?!?!

not very hard at all

explain... i thought there was a big sequence on removing the headlight

explain... i thought there was a big sequence on removing the headlight

whats hard about removing the headlight. its like 3 bolts, wire for lamp

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