Somthing I must Do

Hey all, I normally try to keep things professional here

Nah but this is very close to my heart.

I just want to encourage everyone to help in anyway for cancer research. My mom passed away Dec 21st 1998 from pancreatic cancer, since then I have been somewhat involved in my local chapter and support groups.

This weekend I ran into some old friends of my daughters in San Jose, This little girl age 12 has been fighting Leukemia for a couple of years now. Even Though she is not out of the woods yet, prognosis is good. She is getting treatment at Stanford U, one of the best places to be for Cancer Research.

But here is the issue, treatment is expensive, some families have limited means and Stanford does not turn people away becouse of that. It takes people like you and I to help. Buy donating time, money, clothes, Wigs (Yes Wigs) all this helps with offsetting the cost of treatments and supplies.

Something I would love to do in the future is start a yearly enduro or mx benefit for the local chapter, I dunno.

Well sorry for being smoofy but hey it is another side of the Ego, again any donation to your local chapters is a good thing, Here is a link for additiona info in your areas


I would first like to send my condolances for your loss.

Cancer is hard enough to overcome without all the expenses. Being a survivor myself, I know first hand how much added stress a facility can put on a patient. It has been four years for me and I am still paying for medical bills. I had hoped that after treatment I could get on with my life, but I am constantly harrased and the bills keep comming. Fortunately I have had, and continue to have tons of support from friends and family and that is the only reason I made it this far. I also feel stongly that support from strangers is in some ways just as powerful. It reinforces the fact that your struggle is for the common good of society, and that none of us are exempt from feeling this pain.

Children are special and should not have to worry about getting the best money can buy. However, this is all too often not the case. Substandard treatment and inexperience can be a childs worst enemy. I am 100% behind your cause and would also like to add that there are several other organizations that need money all the time. We don't have to wait until someone you know or love becomes ill.

If there is anything I can do to help please feel free to send me a p.m.



Thanks, You are doing it already by simply posting what you had to say and your experiance.

Godspeed and just keep the throttle open, you are right on the aspect of friends and family, I see alot of people that have no one, thats what the support group is all about.

Just volinteering is the best thing someone can give to a kid or adult that is goig through this....

I think an annual benefit ride would generate a good chunk of change.

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

Well sorry for being smoofy but hey it is another side of the Ego[/url]


You're right...this is a side of you I am surprised to see. I guess first impressions are a bad thing.

Cancer claimed my ex-mother-in-law several years ago. I watched in horror as she slipped away from us. There are many ways one can help. Any of us can contact our local chapter of the American Cancer Society and assist. It could be something as simple as donating old clothes to visiting these victims and taking them to the grocery store or out for a walk. Life is to short to not take a moment to assist someone who may not be as lucky as us.

Someone here at TT has a signature that reads "What goes around, comes around......make sure it is good.


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