03-05 450f

I expect my yz426f to be sold tommorow as a deposit has been put down on it. I am going to be imideatly looking for a bike and i guess i am going to stick to yamaha b/c the 426 and 1999 yz400f i had were so reliable. I would like to know how the 03-05 450f's were?? I am talking about power, handling, reliabilty??? Are there any differences in the 3 different years?? Will they FEEL lighter than my 426 or is the 15 lbs just a difference on paper?? Thanks..oh and by the way i have 2 grand to spend and may spend a couple hundred more for the right bike..

I had a 98 400 and 03 450 (which I still have) at the same time. The 400 was setup for SM and I thought it was the shizz. Then I did the 450 for SM and its night and day to me. The 450 is just simply better. Lighter and makes more HP. Done. I use the 450 primarily for SM and I have a 19/21 setup for the MX track too...

Read through these two threads:



The '03 off-idle power that was snappy and abrupt to a fault, and it has suspension just like yours, but slightly refined. The '04 had an improved fork, Ti pegs, and just a little of the edge taken off the engine (no reduction in power, just a little more control). Both will benefit from heavier flywheels. The '05 had a fork that can be as good as an '06 fork with a samll amount of work, but it also had the ignition remapped to soften the muscle car character of the earlier models, and a lot of people thought they went overboard with that.

They all feel significantly lighter than the 426. Handling is very similar.

thanks for the help.. Is the lightness something i wll notice in the handling ?? or will i wonder if there is any difference at all??

You'll notice it.

oh. ok. thanks. thats what i was hoping to hear.

I own the 04 model. I found it for a good price, so I figured That it would be a good way to try a thumper to see if I would like it. It feels fairly light and agile, and the handling has no glaring faults. The motor is amazing. The power is so smooth and wide compared to the 2 strokes. Over the same track/trail I find myself shifting about 2/3 less than on my 250. Part of this may be due to the 4 speed trans, but the power is there to pull it. So far, it's been a very easy to live with motorcycle. If pushed to find one thing I don't like, it would be the way the bike acts on slow trails. It really hates the walking pace rock hopping stuff, and gets a bad case of the stalls. I've heard a flywheel will make a big difference, but haven't tried one yet. The bike is stock other than grips, bars, and the usual rider preference things.

thanks for the input...much appreciated..

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