Hey qadsan, any word on the autoclutch?

The pig is hibernating for the winter but is anxiously awaiting the new part? Any word from Z-start?


yeah!, what Danco said.

My Porker is piddling herself with anticipation! :)

What's the bodycount up to anyway? Might be something to announce on the Yahoo forum (which I'm not privy to). :D

Sorry for the delay folks. I thought I had sent out an email update to everyone, but it appears it didn't go through to anyone except myself :).

There's 14 people on the list including me who wants one of the z-start auto clutches for their XR650R's at a special promo price. From talking with Al Youngwerth, it appears we're looking at sometime in February before production units will be availble for our bikes. The biggest delay in this has been getting Al a XR650R to work with and that's almost done...maybe...hopefully.

If anyone else wants a z-start for their XR650R, just send me a PM with your email address and I'll put you on the list.

Where can I find more info on this? I have heard speak of such a thing, but would like more. Point me in the right direction guys.

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