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Am I Close ? - not very good snap !!

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Alright I know I should have the answers through reading all the posts on this topic, & I've applied alot of it but I'm still not quite there, so here's my settings

2000 model

WR timed

Bk Mod

Air box snorkel removed

Open exhaust

Needle DRM #3

MJ 160


MAJ 200

PAJ 75

With the mixture screw I can turn this all the way in !! Now my logic with this is the PJ & PAJ have not got the correct ratio, so I'm going to fit a PAJ85, is this correct. Also is the MAJ200 correct or should this be reduced (& to what)

The snap response which I'm hoping for (from reading various posts), I'm not getting, the top end is good but until the bikes warmed up it backfires indicating a lean condition.

Thats the info , what needs to be done boys ?? :)

Any advice is greatly appreciated


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:) Nige, I'm running the DMM, which if I remember my Taffy lessons is the same needle but 2 clips different and Im running #1, so we should be the same, My pilot circuit is the same as yours but is a bit rich, I need to get the next pair down, Also my MAJ is 170 which improves Top even more. My snap off the throttle is amazing, 4th gear wheelies without the clutch! and thats on 14/50 gearing, I'm running a #162 MJ

Hope this helps :D

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Hmmm, my bike is as stock as can be and I too pop fourth gear wheelies and my gearing is even taller (15-50) - only thing I do to make this happen (apart from twisting the throttle :) ) is to move my fat arse to the rear.

I think I will leave the jetting alone. At least until I can afford an aftermarket pipe (I covet the Thunder Alley with Ceramic coating).

Keep poping :D

See ya,


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comparing my notes with a dtm, you may be rich on the pilot, lean on the clip.

I had best snap with clip#6 DTM, (same as your DRM #5), PJ35, PAJ 65-70.

I'm just starting testing with the 'D' needle and haven't got the top sorted just yet. My notes so far are in "Jetting Qs".

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