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crf 230 l mpg & jetting again

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so far i have drilled the air box to open it up, bought a tailpiece from frank @ engines, i have a 38 pilot and a 130 main, after a 230 mile round trip over the

weekend the bike ran cooler but the temps where also cooler but i think the

larger main also helped keep it cooler too, plug is still very white with a slight

hint of brown but on the outer ring of the plug is a slight hint of black which

almost makes me think slightly rich ? we rode some 2 & 4 lanes up to 70 mpg

which i think is close to top speed for it with the larger front counter sprocket

we also got 85 mpg which so far is the best up from 80 mpg , with the jetting and stuff has helped performance for sure.

now my question has anyone else tried different jettings and stuff and what

results ?

also plan to put the flywheel on a diet soon also

we are gaining on performance so far as i just want to squeeze what we can

from stock , maybe a big bore later if all else fails as this bike just fits my wife perfect ..........................

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