another rumor about the 450

wet sump engine. But way Way more oil then the CRF. The are going to try to save money in the swingarm and in the air box to name a few. Just a rumor.

Dirt Rider have picture of it in page 32 of the July edition.... more compact head design, long stroke, wet-sump, slim down swing-arm, reservoir less rear brake, etc.


FYI - There is a pic of the 03 Yz posted on the Yz forum.

It's still gonna be a heavy Pig! Just more power to make it feel lighter. Can't wait to see the official weight of this thing.

Bonzai :)

I heard from a buddie who once had a friend that dated a girl in high school, now she is a hooker and works near yamah in LA.

She told this guy at the high school reunion, and he told my buddie that it was not going to be released until next year.

The problem was to many rumers from TT had Yamah worried that they couldnt cut the mustard :)

So they recalled it before it was released

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]


What is your fixation with hookers??

heads look taller to me.......

more breathing more power......

Non Just every rumer story has to have a hooker in it :)

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