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Heavy Popping on Decel - Rough sound... jetting or another issue

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I've been riding the bike for sometime but have noticed that the decel popping is getting very loud. Its a sharp and crisp pop when you let off the throttle. I know a little is ok but this is loud enough that I think something may be off a bit. I adjusted the jetting exactly to your recommendation above for my altitude in Hobbs, New Mexico.

I played with the fuel screw the last few days. Bike dies when all the way in. It starts popping on decel roughly at 1/2 turn out. I've had the bike for 2 years and am used to decel pop. This is a very harsh/sharp decel pop. Much louder then the typical. Kinda like mini explosion. Usually happens on decel in 2nd or 3rd gear. Any thoughts on what may be causing this???

Below 1/2 turn out and the bike doesn't run smooth. Beyond 1/2 turn out and instead of 1 or 2 pops its much louder and more frequent.

Your original specs were

New Mexico Jetting

Altitude: 3661 feet

152 main jet

200 main air jet

EMP needle

clip 3

45 pilot jet

no pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

ps... also running k&n air filter

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