o-ring mod on 05 wr450

Is this mod applicable to my 05 bike? I have all the free mods, JD kit, FMFQ--the bike rips. Just want to make sure I am taking advantage of every trick in the book. Thanks

YES! Just do it!

O ring mod - whats that?


The second link is the same as the first link. Please could you check this. Thanks

LOL, it is all the same link. TT's use of Smarttags causes the break between words. One thread covers both the O-Ring mod and AP setup.

Doh! Silly me. :thumbsup:

Yep..... do it. Made a difference on my 05 WR 450F. I also adjusted the screw with the guage that came with my Boysen AP cover. No more bog.


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