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Rm 250 Help jetting pipe fuel oil ratio

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ive got a 1996 rm 250 mostly stock fmf tubine core2 silencer and stock kehin pj carb ran good on maxima 927 / 32:1 ratio but it smoked too much and spilled oil from silencer "maybe new packing???" and now i just changed to maxima super m 32:1 and smokes less but alot of sludge from silencer and it begins to spill fuel from carb breather tubes right when i turn the fuel on! spills alot of it

whats going on spills fuel / sludge / try a diffrent premix ??

buy and try a main jet other than stock that its running now with silencer and 32 :1 ratio ?/ what main jets should i use for kehin pj or float stuck cause of spilling lots of fuel lots of sludge from silencer whats your reccomendations or ?'s to help me

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