Proud Dad

Hey all, I just thought I would say how proud I am of my boy.

I bought him a used 06 TTR125L a couple of weeks ago. The bike was in perfect condition (ridden 3 or 4 times) however the guy left fuel in the tank and the carb for 2 years:bonk: :worthy::busted: Needless to say it was the greenest gas I had ever sean. Well, I have helped out a bit but pretty much told him if he wanted to ride it, he would need to fix it. He is 13. I helped with the carb a bit but I let him take it apart and clean it out, not really telling him when or if he did any wrong unless it would make things worse.. He had a great time taking the carb apart, like, 5 times. he learned the hard way about float bowl adjustments and that perhaps he should have cleaned the gas tank while he had it all apart. With a few hints from me and some help from the TTR forum he did a great job. We are now just waiting on a new fuel cock from Yamaha to complete his ride... He can now remove and rebuild his own carb, clean out the tank and change a petcock. He is so proud of his accomplishments And I am so proud of him

Good job yamaha99:applause: :thumbsup::blah:

check out his post on the tank, there are a few pic's of me holding the petcock, I have never sean anything like that before!!

congrats its always best to learn by doing it your self. nice approach

Hey Broc,

Give your son a good pad on the back from me. :worthy:

I too at 13 had to learn how to work on my own bikes and also load the bike on the truck/trailer by myself. My father made me learn how to back the camper down the side of the house and into the backyard, hook up the trailer, load the bikes and he would take care of the rest. I now could back a toy hauler on a dime. I can't Thank my father enough for making me get an early start on life.

Now I can't wait for my son to get a little older and he could help me work on the bikes.:busted:

Good Job yamaha99, you're on the right trail..........:thumbsup:

some of my best memories are of my dad making me work on things an figure them out on my own. And now I am the only kid in our family that really likes to work on cars and bikes. I learned a lot in my dads garage. Your son will have that knowledge forever. Not many kids know how things in cars or bikes work, they just put gas in and go till they die

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