04 YZ450 IMS Tank

Does anyone know if a 04 450 IMS Tank would fit on a 01 426? I tried to search but did not find an answer.:thumbsup:

Since the '04 YZ450 OEM tank requires a special pair of brackets to be fabricated in order to fit to a 426, I'd say no, not without work, if at all. The IMS tanks for the steel framed bikes barely fit the bike they were made for, and it may not be practical. I don't think I'd put a lot of money into the project.


thank you for your help

You do have to make an adaptor bracket to get the tank to fit. You also have to put on the 450 subframe, airbox, seat and rear fender. You also have to modify the upper subframe mount and frame to get it all to fit. The IMS tank fits just fine if you do all that. Check out my 2000 426 in my garage.

Good Luck!!!!

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