GPS and Cell Phones speed rescue

As a rider and a volunter fire fighter, I must urge riders to prepare for that unfortunate situation of being hurt. With the use of a cell phone and GPS unit,less than $100, we can drive right to the injured as opposed to spending hours looking.

This stems from a accident the other day where a rider was injured and his riding partner had to leave him for help. The rider had fractured femur and the temp was in the mid 30's and it was approaching dark. It was almost dark when we found him and he was a very cold, scared individual, left alone for over an hour. With the cell and GPS, his partner could have called and gave us the position without ever leaving his side.

So please think about the use of technology to help prevent a tragic occurence. Buy a GPS insted of the next latest, greatest, gotta have, new item.

I agree with E-WA. I always pack a cell phone and gps with me but some of the places we ride are too far out for cell service.

Same here regarding cell phone service. The nice part about a GPS is that you can get the coordinates of where the injured party is and when you get to a land line or an area where there is cellular service you can tell them EXACTLY where to go. Minutes matter. Alot of the areas we ride in look very very similar and if you're not very familiar with them its easy to get confused. Even for a mechanical problem the cheapest of GPS can be a huge help.



may sound silly.. but maybe a flare gun? in case your gps and cell fail, and you can hear someone but can't see them.. shoot a flare.. just thinking out loud.. :)

Nothing is silly when you can convert hours into minutes for a rescue. Smoking fire, just don't let it get to a grass fire then I got a fire to put out.


sounds good to me.., now, if i could get something that would convert my minutes into hours, i would be rich! thanks for the tip on gps... i used to mtn bike a lot, took my cell, or someone in the group did, on any long rides.

have a good christmas!

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