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My crash and injuries FYI DR. Mark

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I was riding 8-8-08 and got hit by a gust a wind going over a 50' table and came down sideways went over the bars high side. I lawn darted head 1st in to the dirt and then tumbled from there. My helmet has pretty good damage to the foam and the exterior shell it and will be replaced. My leatt brace held up fine. I'm speculating if it actually had something to do with my broken ribs. They are broken right a my spine and right at the correct height of the back plate. I will take broken ribs any day over a broken neck but I thought I would post up this info for all to see.

List of injuries:

6 broken ribs

punctured lung / partially deflated

fluid around the lung (chest tube)

torn liver

bruised kidneys (pee started out the color of cranberry juice and has now subsided to a normal color 7 days after the crash)

I spent 4 days in the hospital

On 8-15 I had a check up and the DR said that all seems to be healing fine. I have an air bubble in my upper chest near my collar bone that is causing a lot of pain and my lung is still crackling from time when I breath deep. Other than that I just have to deal with the pain. The wost day time pain is where the chest tube is at and the bubble. The bubble pain is getting much better day by day.

On 8-26 I have a CT scan to verify that everything is healing well and a appointment on 8-29 with the urologist to verify that my kidneys are healing properly.

I hope this info can be of some use to DR Mark with the brace studies that you are doing.


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