1/4 Turn Throttle Mod For Novice Rider??

Just got my 08 yz450f after riding a 05yz125 for a year.

Was wondering if a 1/4 turn throttle mod will be a bad

idea for a novice rider at a MX track. I am thinking about

doing this mod before riding this weekend. I may sand

down the pvc a little lower and maybe call it a 1/3 turn

throttle mod. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Hmmmmm, i would just buy the G2 throttle cam system. Look at it this way, you can make adjustments to your liking in 5 minutes or less, and you dont need to go screwing up your stock setup. I just installed one on my KTM last week and so far have only tryed the mild cam and there is a noticeable difference for sure, unfortunately before i could do some more testing with the other cams that came in the kit i got a flat tire, but will be testing it more this weekend and i'll be sure to post about it once i do. Another thing is, G2's service was second to none and they shipped the stuff out to me the very next day. I do believe shipping is free in the US as well (i am outside the US but still got my kit in less than a week!). Here is the link below:


i'm not sure i would go with this. learn throttle control and you may be ready for this mod. but this change from a 125 to a 450 is a huge difference. if you make it a 1/4 turn, its gonna make it feel alot snappier. if your dead set on this, either get the G2 kit, or a spare throttle tube to do it with

Their all 1/4 turn. The guy a G2 confirmed this. Even the stock Honda is, eye your grip and give it a turn. What the G2 does is change where in the 1/4 turn the the opening occures.

MX bikes have a 70 degree throttle. That's less than a quarter-turn.

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