So, Am I the only one who keeps......

mashing my header???? I know, I know, before someone says it, "keep it on two wheels!" It's not from perpetual crashing, only usually from tipping over. For instance, just got a new header on Friday from a fellow TT member (thanks again Grant!!), it wasn't even 12 hours and tipped over going up a trail called Jenny Creek. Sure enough, pick my bike up out of the creek, and the header managed to land right on a rock.

Has anyone developed any kind of guard to at least minimize the damage?? I've never seen anything, guess I was just checking. Oh well, guess I'll just deal with it until I can figure out how to tip over only to the left :) !?!


Dodger :D:D

check out motoman393's site

Yeah Freestyle;

I saw that, nice work and very trick. Guess I'll be looking into fabricating something like that. Time to get creative.......

Dodger :):D

Try to fall on the left side for awhile :)

Bonzai :D

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