Fork oil change on 08 450

My springs were too soft so i got new ones

a buddie said i can do it so ok everything went smooth

but when he put oil in it he just dumped the oil i think 350cc

Step 32 5-33 in the 08 manual Now after i buttoned it up it sounds like metal to metal after i put them on now looking at the manual it looks like i need oil somewhere else I need help:foul:

the procedure on 5-33 shows the damper cartridge being refilled as the start of the filling/bleeding process. That is not where the 350cc of oil goes. The 350cc is for the outer chamber (see 5-40). For the purpose of simply changing the springs, there would have been no need to drain the inner chamber, but if you did, you need to more carefully review the refill/bleed process and do it over. Any metal to metal noises are abnormal, and you need to go back and get it right.

Another place that two critical mistakes are made is in:

> Failing to back the rebound adjuster all the way out before running the adjuster down on the damper rod, and

> Failing to correctly tighten the lock nut down against the adjuster, as detailed on 5-39. The gap between the nut and adjuster should be there DURING assembly, NOT AFTER assembly. Run the lock nut all the way down on the rod by hand to the end of the threads. Then run the adjuster down until it bottoms solidly against the end of the rod. The right gap will tell you that the adjuster is all the way down. At that point, the nut is run up against the adjuster and tightened.

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