is it really needed or necessary

today while servicing my wr 450 i thought i,d check the wire gauze that fit into the fram just below the frame drain plug.

well it was a pig to get out i guess i did it the hard way i,l know better next time :thumbsup:

that's if i need to because i ended up braking it.

do the question is do i really need it in place?

i change the oil and filter every to rides so the oils always clean

On my steel framed bikes I only removed and cleaned that strainer the first two oil changes on a new bike, after that I left it alone because yes, they break:foul:

It designed obviously to catch big stuff, I typically would find blue paint chips :thumbsup: but noting after the second time I removed it...

I've never removed it and I don't worry about it.

Must have done 10+ oil / filter changes and it still remains in the same position as when I bought the bike.

removed mine once - was perfectly clean - pretty much forgot it existed now.

They put the same setup on the old tt500s. I still have several of them and only look at them when doing a buildup or removing an engine from the chassis. I looked at the one on my 05 wr 450 at the second oil change and found no big chunks. That filter will now stay in place until I need to do an out-of-frame engine overhaul.

Just for the record, the WR450 is everything the old TT/XT 500s should have been. It's still a bit porky for all day trail weightlifting but the power is bountiful and the bike is dependable. The E-start is an older rider's ticket to nirvana.

first 2 oil changes also

found i wasted my time

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