Gauging interest - YZ 'tard wheels

So, I'm rapidly losing interest in 'tarding my 426. I put the wheels on, and rode for a few miles on the street.

I came to the conclusion I much prefer it as a dirt bike/dualsport, and I won't win races on it on a roadcourse.

Any idea what I should ask for the 'tard wheels, and where (sumojunkie, here?) I should list them?

They're YZ hubs, new bearings, seals, and spacers. OE brake rotors, no sprocket. Excel 3.5 and 5.0 rims, Buchanan spokes, built and trued by me. Very minor scratches from installation (tight fit with the stock chain block). Rear wheel correctly offset to provide 0.20" chain clearance.

[i'm actually asking what they're worth this way, compared to a kit from one of the various houses that do this stuff... this isn't an ad, and I'll list them for sale in a classified section of the forum when they are for sale.]

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