Leaky '00 426

I recently had to replace the oil seals, bearing, and rod for my coolant impellar due to a previous accident. The weep hole that is located just beneath the impellar housing is dripping oil when the engine is running. I know that the weep hole is there so that water does not infiltrate into the oil in the case, but in this case it is dripping oil, dirty oil at that. If anybody knows an answer to this problem or what may be causing the dripping i would greatly appreciate it.

You may have installed the oil seal upside down, or simply damaged it. The sealing lip of the seal should face out of its pocket toward the fluid it is sealing against in both cases.

The weep hole can drip EITHER oil OR Coolant since it sits between the two seals - depending on what it's leaking indicates which seal is bad.

As grey said - you may simply have installed the oil seal backwards.

yea i may be leaning toward the damaged part...it was a little bit of a pain to get the bearing to go in straight so i had to use a socket to get the seal and bearing out, in the process i most likely damaged it. kind of a dumb mistake i guess that seal is fairly deep down in there to get to.

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