Original baffle

Anybody want to get rid of the original baffle? I am currently running an insert that maybe triples the amount of exhaust that is allowed to exit the pipe. It works great, but when I riding around town, I'd rather have the original in the pipe. That way, IF people do notice me, they can also notice how quiet I am.

Will pay shipping, and buy you a six pack.

Any takers?


Do you just need the restirctor/baffle or the whole spark arrester? I think I have a baffle around here if that is all you need. Let me know.

Did I mention that the six pack could be any import or micro of your choice?




You can HAVE my baffle for a stock pipe but it will cost you a six pack of Alaskan Frontier or Alaskan ESB just let me know, by the way the shipping (across town will be extra HA! HA!).

Mike :)

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