06 yz450f wont idle without choke on

I have a 2006 yz450f, have good spark, good fuel. TPS checked good, coil good, bike is stock jetting. Carb cleaned, jets all cleaned. No air leaks. Bike will only run with the choke on, as soon as choke is pushed off bikes dies immediatly. The only thing left is the stator, was told by other people that could be the culpret? Out of ideas, anyone happen to know what the output should be to check to see if its bad or not? Any info would help or has anyone had this problem. thanks

There is no electrical problem. It's your idle (pilot) circuit in the carb. It is still plugged up somewhere. Check the pilot jet, pilot air jet, all the passageways, and the idle discharge port in the throat of the carb.

I cleaned it again, checked it light coming through, tried a carb off a 03 450 and the same thing happens, thats why im leaning another way than the carb

How old is the gas?

the carb was brand new, never ridden in dirt, or outside

brand new gas

The hot start is closed correct? When you turn the idle knob in the idle doesn't rise?

idle will rise, siliconend the hot start just make sure it is sealed, seems to be working correctly, sprayed starting fluid no change in idle

i mean no change in idle with choke on with starting fluid

i had the same problem, my fuel screw fell out of the carb

i had the same problem, my fuel screw fell out of the carb


u have that problem?

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