Need help with a YZ426F

I'm getting ready to re-jet my YZ426F but need the know how to do it. If anyone has any tips and such, please help. Also, I'm going to be upgrading to hot cams in the next few weeks. If anyone can give me pointers or an easy way to do this, that would be awesome! Thanks you guys!!!

there is a lot left unsaid here. hows the bike running? rich or lean? and mods like exhaust? is the current jetting stock? if we just know a little more about your bike we can help you out.

elevation also..

I'm not really sure if it's running lean or not. I plan on upgrading the exhaust to FMF. But for some reason it does like to foul out the plugs. I'm planning on reaplacing the intake and exhaust cams with the hot cams. Partially for the increase in top end power but also so i can get rid of the decompression lever. The bike runs good for the most part. I've noticed when I hit the throttle fast, it seems like it's going to stall, instead of reving up it just about stops running. Basically seems like it's flooding to easily.

Let me know if ya'll need anything else

Read the link I posted, and go from there.

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