Handlebars YZ426F


On my 426 YZ is the handlebars a little bit to angled towards me. I would like a more straight bar. I hope you understand. What handlebar is a good update to my bike? I don't know if my handlebars is the original one, it's golden.

So I guess all riders have the original handlebars...

Stock YZ bars are not gold in color, so there's no indication that yours is not some other bend.

Go to the Pro Taper web site and look the chart over. The "sweep" is the amount the bars angle back at the ends. As you will see, the YZ High and the Factory Suzuki/KTM bends have the least pull back, and the Woods and CR bars have the most.

My personal favorite is the Windham/RM Mid bend. It's fairly straight, fairly high, and it puts your hands well forward, giving you a lot of room to move around in while standing.

Great, thanks allot! Should I maybe take another higher bar or maybe bar raiser when I'm pretty tall. I am 1.96 metersm thats about 6.43 feet.

I feel with the bars I have now that it's pretty low when I'm standing up.

I measured my bars rough and it's 770mm wide, 130mm back, and 90mm high. I think the windham mid that you recommended will be fine. Thanks for a good advice!

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