nature takes its toll

merry christmas folks,will need a new head light surround for wr 400 hit a tree on sunday in essex uk. and the old girl took revenge on me by breaking me up a bit so looking like one of docter evils henchmen i'd thoght you lot might be a able to direct me to the bits required will need speedo as well its got the wr sign on it cheers folks gotta go as arm killing me and feel like ive been run over by a corrugated steam roller.1.25 split in lip and shattered lid one for geramy bedle also got to ride in a helicopter

Hay slow down we need you here next year,Hope your ok if you can tell the doc, you did it running or somthing other than a motorcycle you will get better care.Marry Xamas.

monty :)

Take time to heal well. It's no fun to keep suffering because of an old injury that wasn't taken care of.

I wish you the best for New Year :):D

cheers merry christmas :)

sounds like you have a european road kit wr kph speedo there are two types of headlight european is larger than others and also has aside light the other is smaller but has no side light but sports a halagen bulb how unfair is that i hope this helps you. I to nead a speado the same as yours so keep us posted my local m/cycle shop has a compleat small headlight o/e hanging up for sale suffolk pm me if you want me to price this for you its on my way to work cookeye

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