gearing help

I have a 2008 Yz450F and went from a 49 to a 50.

Now i have a 12:75:1 piston and a rekluse clutch that i like very much.

For this wekend i will probly put a DR.D pipe on i just bought.

I do not think the 50 felt good even when i changed to it.

I would like to try something different.

Make some suggestion's


Why do you want to regear it in the first place?

I race at least 2 times a month and run both the Rekluse and DRD pipe. I race both desert and MX at the expert level. I almost always run the stock gearing with the only exceptions being a really fast desert race with a lot of high speed roads. Even then I don't use tall gearing for higher speeds, I just want the same speeds at less RPM's. When I race something like Idaho City (which is very tight and technical) I will run much lower gearing.

Also a heavy flywheel works really well with the Rekluse.

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