Brian georgetown6-15-02 ?

Brian you still want to go to G-town on sat, the 15th?


do you guys belong to valley climbers motorcycle clubs?i rode a 120 mile dualsport that they organized last month it was from pollack pines down to georgetown riding asking cause i think there based in napa or vallego area.they put on great event.

fREESTYLE111 i DON'T BELONG TO THE VALLY CLIMBERS Brian had ask if any bodyed wanted to ride G-TOWN on the 15th so I was just wanting to know if it was still on?


Well...... I'm up for an EASY day of riding on Saturday or Sunday (15th or 16th) IF it's a later start - it's a drive & a half from Santa Rosa to G-town. Of course my bike needs maintenance after the Reno 200 and I haven't done it... I know, I'm waffling.

If you're up for it I will be there either day on a WR with bald tires :) I HAVE to richen up the jetting a touch for the lower elevation.


i saw that you lived in vacaville thought maybe you should check them out.they are great group of people.they also put on some very good rides in your area.

thanks for the tip Freestyle111 I'll look into it.Brian I'll call the ranger tomarow and make sure that it is open (the trails) there is a red flag warning for all western states. FIRE

Brian call me at work tomarow 707-446-4066 and I'll fill you in.


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