New barrel ... PREPARATION?

Well I've read it here before, but can't find it now!!!! :worthy:

What do you use to clean a new cylinder before bolting the top end back together???:thumbsup:

EDIT.... Its an OEM WR barrel!!!!

hot soapy water, but then lubricate it soon after

I would wash it down with either contact cleaner and or brake cleaner. Blow it off/out with compressed air before I after. Look it over close before assembly. If you wipe it down be sure to use a lint free rag. I put a light coat of oil, the type I will run, on the cylinder prior to assembly.

I do the soap and water and through drying, but assemble the barrel dry. No oil except on the wrist pin.

It will be debated endlessly, I suppose, but I never have done, and have no intention of ever doing a "dry build".

The supposed advantage is the faster and more complete seating of the rings. However, any oil that exists in and around the compression rings will be gone in a few seconds after startup, and any oil that is not placed on the oil rings will show up more or less immediately, anyway.

Not pre-oiling a piston skirt, IMO, invites an unacceptable level of risk of damage to the skirt and/or cylinder on initial startup. At the same time, I have not had any issues with ring seating, sealing, oil consumption, or any of the other related ills supposedly caused by wet building cylinder assemblies, so I see no advantage in taking any such risk, especially when I'm buying the parts.

It is certainly unnecessary to dunk the piston assembly in a bucket of oil prior to assembly, but at the same time, I refuse to be convinced that a few drops of oil on the rings and a smear of it on the piston skirt will have any detrimental effect on the seating and sealing, short term or long, of good rings in a properly prepped bore.

im with Gray, i lubed the piston skirt and cylinder before assembly. i had no problems with the rings seating, my bike doesnt use any oil or have blowby:thumbsup:

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